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Keep Earth Green 

PFG Landscape is committed to, and constantly striving towards delivering sustainable landscape solutions in all the areas we service. We will continue to adopt additional “green” practices as well as eco-friendly products and services in our offices, vehicles and on our client’s sites.

Sustainable Environmental Operations:

Recycling of natural organic waste

Crews now utilize water purifying systems to reduce the usage of bottled water

Efficient route mapping to reduce vehicle travel times

Implementation of paperless work flow processes throughout our operations

Use of tablets and smartphones to increase communication with clients and crew members

Purchasing plant material from local sources

Keep Earth Healthy 

PFG Landscape’s commitment to the environment expands beyond its landscape practices to our own operations. We’ve been incorporating “green” practices into our every-day functions for several years in order to reduce waste and expenditures.

Sustainable Landscape Practices:

Incorporating native and resistant plantings

Practicing Xeriscaping whenever possible

Efficient water management systems

Preservation and conservation of existing plantings

The use of organic fertilizers for turf-grass and landscape plantings

Use of recycled natural materials wherever possible

Integrated Pest Management Techniques- IPM

Use of low volume sprinkler heads utilizing drip irrigation techniques

Use of low environmental impact deicers

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