Tis the Season….For Landscaping

With the light of warmer temperatures and spring becoming clearer at the end of the winter tunnel, the start of landscape season will be upon all too soon. For those in the more tropical climates this may signal the start of a more active growing season, but for the majority of the country it means

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Making a Good First Impression

For many property managers, the phrase “you only get one chance to make a first impression” is more than just sound advice, it’s strong business acumen.
The curb appeal, or “physical attractiveness of a property as seen from the street,” is the first thing a prospective tenant, resident, or customer notices about your business.  This is

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Winter Landscapes Don’t Have To Be Boring

Being in the commercial landscape industry for what seems like forever and a day, we hear a lot of the same questions year after year. A common question we’re usually asked around this time of year is, “What can I do to create some color in the winter landscape?” No doubt, people love to see

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Dormant Pruning – Facts & Benefits

“Dormant” or “Winter” Pruning…..what is it and why should I be doing it? 

In the simplest of explanations, dormant season pruning is the act of thinning or pruning trees and shrubs during the time of the year when they are not actively growing. Pretty basic stuff. But bigger questions still remain: “What is the timing of this

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‘Tis the Season for Contract Evaluation

While the holiday season brings cause for celebration and family, it also reminds us that the time of the year is here to evaluate landscape contracts for the upcoming year. With spring clean ups, turf applications, and weekly services just around the corner the most well prepared property managers are interviewing and soliciting commercial landscape

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Landscape Maintenance Budgets – Looking Ahead

Does your landscape maintenance crew look tired? It’s been a busy few months at PFG yet our teams are just getting started as many customers are already asking us to help them build out their 2016 budgets. When getting ready to build your budget for next year it’s important to look back at those

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Understanding Tree Care Maintenance

June landscape maintenance means ensuring you have enough time allocated for those shrubs and trees. Staying ahead of the much-needed trimming will deliver great curb appeal for any property. Keeping a well-maintained property is the difference between a good landscape and great landscape. When trees are diseased, damaged or poorly pruned, it can have a

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