Springtime is here, and if you’re a property owner, you’re probably looking forward to seeing your trees regain their gorgeous green leaves and blossoming flowers. However, many property owners don’t know that there are some steps that they should be taking this season to keep their trees happy and healthy.


Read on to learn three quick tips from our experts at the Peter Ferrandino Group, the leading provider of commercial lawn care services in Mesa, AZ, that will help you ease your trees into the spring season.


  • Inspect for damage. Heavy winds and rains of the fall and winter can cause damage to your trees that can make your property unsafe. Before spring arrives, inspect your tree closely and look for broken, hanging, or detached branches. Before removing any stray branches, make sure that it is safe for you to do so. Call a professional tree removal or management company if you believe that it is not safe for you to remove them yourself. Never put yourself in harm’s way to remove a branch.


  • Clear early weeds. Though this winter has been standard when it comes to temperature, we know that unseasonably warm days can cause weeds to pop up before the official start of the spring season. Take a look around the base of your trees, and clear out any early arrivals to ensure that your trees can soak up the maximum amount of water.


  • Use the 3-3-3 rule when mulching. Most tree owners know that they need to mulch their trees for maximum health and growth, but many are unaware that there is actually a right and wrong way to mulch. When applying your spring layer of mulch, use the “3-3-3” rule: make a three-foot ring of mulch around the tree that is three inches tall, and remember to leave a three-inch ring around the base of the tree.


Keeping your trees looking great during the spring season is about much more than just preparing them ahead of time — you’ll also need a maintenance plan that gives your property the professional attention that it needs in the long-term.


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