We’ve all heard the phrase “the grass is greener on the other side,” but plenty of commercial property owners throughout the United States are continually frustrated with the poor quality of their property’s grass.

Brown, yellow and patchy grass looks unprofessional and can reflect on your business in a negative fashion. If you are having a hard time getting your property to the green side of things, consider using these three tips to improve both the look and feel of your grass.

  • Mow less often. This may seem like counterintuitive advice, but mowing your property less often can actually help grass come in greener this spring. Mowing puts a great deal of strain on grass, and over-mowing prevents grass seeds from deepening their roots. Leaving your grass to grow at least three inches before having it mowed is the best way to help it grow stronger and greener.
  • Install an irrigation system. Just like humans, grass seeds require plenty of water to look great and grow strong. Our irrigation contractors in Phoenix, AZ can install a comprehensive watering system that will help your property reach its full potential and health. An irrigation system can be especially useful for larger properties that cannot be fully satisfied through hand watering.
  • Use preventative products early. Using pre-emergent products to prevent weed and crabgrass growth will help your lawn grow greener. These pests suck up all of the water, leaving grass seeds to turn brown and die out. However, remember that pre-emergent products will do nothing to weeds that are already growing, so schedule them to be applied in early spring.

This spring, say goodbye to patchy brown grass and hello to lush green with help from the Peter Ferrandino Group. Contact our team of irrigation contractors in Carrollton, TX today to get started on the road to a more beautiful property this spring!