Now that 2018 is officially here and we’ve seen the harshness of winter weather, it’s time to start thinking about spring! As one of the top providers of commercial lawn care services in Mesa, AZ, our team at the Peter Ferrandino Group can help you properly prepare your property for the months ahead.

Make sure you take these three important steps to prepare your property for the upcoming spring season!

  • Inspect your trees. Winter can be hard on your trees and shrubs. You’ll want to be very careful when trimming off injured or dead branches, so you don’t cut off new growth.


  • Weed out the weeds. Nixing crabgrass is all about timing. You’ll want to catch the first sprouts of the season before they are able to germinate and spread throughout your property. Make sure you make time to head out and start pulling weeds before the soil temperature hits about 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Otherwise, you’ll have many more weeds to deal with than you might have originally anticipated!


  • Rake out your grass. Just like animals hide away and hibernate for the winter, so can your grass. Grass goes into hibernation mode to survive the cold winds of winter and needs to be “woken up” as soon as spring arrives to ensure that it gets enough water to stay fresh and green all season. Vigorously rake your grass as soon as temperatures start to rise and there’s no chance of late-season frosts!


Preparing your property for spring is important. Our team at the Peter Ferrandino Group, one of the leading commercial lawn maintenance companies in Mesa, AZ, can help keep your property look beautiful throughout the year, no matter what the season! Give our team a call today at 877-847-4030 for more information on how you can prepare your property for the spring season ahead.