Do you have a shrub on your property that’s growing so big that it’s becoming a burden or an eyesore? Our staff at the Peter Ferrandino Group, one of the leading landscape maintenance companies in Richardson, TX, can help you prune an annoying or overgrown shrub, allowing the plant to sprout new, healthy branches and buds. However, getting the timing right is essential to maintaining the health of the plant and allowing it to grow to its full potential come next spring.

Winter is the perfect time to schedule your rejuvenation pruning, as this is the season in which the plants are in hibernation and more resistant to the stress of pruning. Here are a few things you need to know about winter rejuvenation pruning:

  • Some plants can handle it better than others. Shrubs with only one primary trunk, like juniper or boxwood, require a careful hand to prune because one wrong cut can cut off the water flow from the roots and kill the plant. It’s important to work with a company providing landscape maintenance in Mesa, AZ when it comes to your pruning because a professional will help you avoid mistakes that will kill the shrub.
  • Pruned shrubs need special attention. Believe it or not, plants can be stressed just like people, and plants that have recently undergone the “surgery” of pruning may be more fragile in the days and months after your landscaping company has made the cuts. Extra water and fertilizer can help your shrubs recover quickly.
  • Rejuvenation pruning shows immediate results. Unlike renewal pruning, which can take up to three years to cultivate, you’ll see immediate reductions in an unsightly shrub following rejuvenation pruning. However, this makes the process much more stressful when compared to renewal pruning, so be sure to assess the health of the shrub before beginning the rejuvenation process.

Now is the perfect time to call up your local landscaping company to schedule winter rejuvenation pruning! Give the Peter Ferrandino Group a call today at 877-847-4030 to learn more about how winter rejuvenation pruning can leave your property looking fresh and professional come spring.