If you’ve turned on your local news channel or picked up a newspaper in the last few years, you probably already know that the condition of the environment is a major concern on everyone’s mind. From recycling to carpooling, everyone is searching for ways that they can preserve the natural beauty of Earth.

At the Peter Ferrandino Group, we take caring for the environment and providing sustainable solutions such as the installation of our commercial irrigation systems in Phoenix, AZ seriously. This is why we do our best to invest in sustainable resources and processes whenever possible.

Our team installs efficient water management systems that keep your property green and healthy without using more water than is necessary thanks to innovative drip irrigation techniques. Our team takes the time to research which trees and plants are native to your property’s area and uses only native and resistant plants in order to sustain the fragile balance of the local ecosystem.

We use organic and natural fertilizers to help maintain the natural pH balance of your soil and not disturb the other plants around the area in which the irrigation system or landscaping project is going to be installed. Most importantly, we go out of our way to make sure that we are using recycled materials anywhere that it is safe and possible.

Some other of our sustainable landscape practices include practicing xeriscaping, using integrated pest management techniques, use of low-environment impact deicers and practicing drip irrigation techniques with low-volume sprinkler heads.

If you are in need of environmentally-conscious irrigation contractors in Phoenix, AZ, make the green choice. Give our team at the Peter Ferrandino Group a call at 877-847-4020 to learn more about our environmentally-responsible and sustainable solutions. You can also find out more information by browsing our website and filling out a contact form.