When it comes to your business, you probably spend a large amount of time and money making sure that your processes are as streamlined, cost-effective, and practical as possible. It’s also likely that you spend a significant amount of money on advertising. Whether it’s a radio advertisement or a billboard, you want your business to be as appealing as possible to your customers. But did you know that trees along with commercial irrigation systems in Addison, TX to keep them green can contribute more to your business than a pretty plant?


A report by the U.S. Forest Service on the commercial effects of trees reported some finding that might surprise the average business owner. One of their most drastic findings was that companies who utilized strategic tree plantation (so that shade would block their windows during the hottest parts of the day) reported an average of 56% lower cooling costs when compared to businesses who did not.


This is theorized to be because shade plays a powerful role in office and business temperature. The area under a tree’s shade can be up to 20 degrees cooler than the direct sunlight around it, meaning serious savings for businesses in the South especially.


In addition to cooling savings, customers also appreciated the aesthetic aspect that trees had on the exterior of a business; businesses with trees planted on their property reported an average of 12 percent higher customer spending when compared to those that did not. This is theorized to be a psychological effect on consumerism; customers associate the quality and beauty of the trees unconsciously with the quality of the product or service inside the business. This means that in addition to planting trees, business owners also have an incentive to keep them beautiful with professional landscape maintenance in Avondale, AZ.


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