Here at Peter Ferrandino Group Inc., we pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our clients. We want to make sure that they are always satisfied with our services, and that we deliver the highest quality care for their property. Those that are looking for commercial landscape maintenance services in Carrollton, TX and throughout the country will love our dedicated staff.

As a national provider of landscape maintenance and snow removal services, our goal is to build long-term relationships with our clients, and part of how we do that is by making sure they are protecting their lawns. As the summer months roll in, it is important for property owners to take care of their yards. There are many ways that a lawn can get damaged, but one reason is due to grubs. It is essential to look out for them and understand how to remove them properly. We want to help you stop grubs from ruining your lawn.

Brown Grass – If your property’s lawn is turning brown and is pulling up easily then you might have grubs. Another sign of grubs is when raccoons or other animals are tearing up your lawn.

Identify Them – There are so many bugs that live in your soil, but it is easy to find out if grubs are wrecking your lawn. They are a milky white color, and they are often found in a curled position.

Chemical Controls – Applying chemicals at the right time can help prevent grubs, but if you are too late, PFG can help by applying carbaryl, halofenozide and imidacloprid chemicals that will get rid of grubs. It is also important to water your lawn after the chemicals are applied so that the grubs move closer to the top of the soil.

There is no need to keep searching for commercial landscape companies in Hicksville, NY and across the country any longer, as the PFG is the clear choice. If you need help controlling grubs on your property or are interested in our other services, visit for more information.