While the holiday season brings cause for celebration and family, it also reminds us that the time of the year is here to evaluate landscape contracts for the upcoming year. With spring clean ups, turf applications, and weekly services just around the corner the most well prepared property managers are interviewing and soliciting commercial landscape companies for the upcoming contract year. So whether you’re in Phoenix, Dallas, Southeastern Florida or even the Philadelphia area, here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a landscaper for your commercial properties.

  • Price: No matter how attractive a landscaper may seem ultimately the pricing they are offering needs to be competitive within the market, pricing that is to high may present budget challenges while pricing that seems too good to be true … probably is.
  • Location: Ensuring that the company is located within a reasonable distance from your properties ensures they will be able to react quickly to your needs and that your property will fall within established routes.
  • Experience: Understanding the core competencies of a company can help to properly align potential vendors with sites. A company with an extensive background in delivering residential services may not be a good fit for your corporate property.
  • The People: How do you feel the interaction will be between yourself and the key staff with your candidate companies. We all develop a “gut” feeling as to how well we will work with someone, make sure you enter a relationship confident that the relationship will be one that is positive.
  • Services: Consider all of the potential needs your site may have and ensure that your contractor has the ability to deliver them. If tree work, site enhancements, or turf renovations are projects you have planned be sure your candidates will be able to deliver them.